What is Web Hosting?

When you want to have a website online that is independent from a free service, an investment must be made into web hosting.  Web hosting services that are offered will usually make it possible to attach a domain to the hosting to create a fully fledged independent website.  This is a great option to take advantage of and use for a personal website that can be used in a variety of manners.  Web hosting will usually come in a variety of different options and can be customized for use with whatever services best suit the client.

Main Components of Web Hosting

Web hosting will be consisted of three main components.  The first component is the website storage.  Storage in plain and simple terms is the amount of data that can be placed on a site such as images, text and other multimedia.  This also includes the coding for the website and the other various files which are stored on the server for use by the website owner or to be downloaded by the visitors to the website.

The second component is the bandwidth transfer.  This is basically how much of your data can be sent to traffic within a given month.  This amount will usually combine both uploading traffic (what you send to the website) and the downloading traffic (what is sent back to your visitors when they visit your site).  The amount of bandwidth that is available with the hosting may affect very popular websites, especially if there is not enough bandwidth to get the site through the month.

The third component is the memory.  The RAM or random access memory is what is used to process the requests for your sites other physical resources.  It also handles all of the duties of controlling how your site works and is displayed to various visitors to your site.  It is a very useful component to your site that makes it possible for your site to be accessed.  The more memory that your hosting plan provides, the more simultaneous visitors you will be able to have on your website at one time.

By making sure that all of these components are available in the right quantities for your website needs, you will be able to have a well rounded hosting service that will best suit you.  Web hosting options that offer a general option with small amounts of hosting should always be avoided unless you are a complete beginner.  In this case it is okay to use a cheap hosting service to learn before moving onto a new hosting plan.

It is always a great idea to look into options that are affordable and offer unlimited resources.  These are often very simple to use and will never require an upgrade unless your site becomes incredibly popular.  Even then, many of the options that are available with unlimited resources will last a very long time and offer you enough practice to choose another hosting option if necessary.


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