What is Shared Hosting?

Hosting is what is needed to create a website and store the valuable coding, data and media on your site.  There are several types of hosting available that can be used for different applications.  One of the most common hosting options is shared hosting.  Shared hosting makes it possible to lower the costs of hosting by distributing the costs between multiple users.  There are several ways that this can be utilized and it is important to make sure that you really understand what shared hosting is before you use it.

Shared Hosting Plan

Shared hosting is a plan that will be able to offer you a segment of a server's total resources.  You will often be allocated with a selection of storage, memory and bandwidth of the total available resources.  There can be hundreds if not thousands of accounts on a single server which are all sharing a portion of the resources.  These options are very versatile and are the perfect option for beginners due to their low costs.

One of the main drawbacks of shared hosting is the fact that it is not very secure.  Security loopholes exist in many of the servers that host shared hosting plans.  This makes many of the accounts insecure and susceptible to a variety of different things which could compromise their data.  Shared hosting can be thought of as a shared storage media drive with different folders for each account.  Each folder is separated but if there is access to one folder to the public and there is an error in how the folder is configured, it can allow access to other folders in the storage.  This can lead to accidental data removal and exposure of sensitive material if the site is used to store such sensitive material.

Shared hosting will also be subject to the available resources during peak time periods of use.  High use of the server during peak hours will usually cause a slow down "globally" throughout the server.  This will mean that all of the websites that are hosted will more than likely notice a degrading amount of speed and processing of the websites.  It is important to make use of the services that are available which are useful in speeding up shared hosting problems like this whenever possible.  One such option is caching and optimization of the website for faster access.

The main thing to look for when choosing a shared hosting plan is whether or not it can provide what you need for your hosting.  If you do not mind the potential slowdowns during peak hours then you should not have any problems with your hosting.  Choosing an option that offers unlimited resources is also a great option if you do not mind having your data spread out between several servers.  This will more than likely add a trivial amount of loading time for your websites but will ensure that not all of your data is destroyed in the event of a major hardware malfunction with your host.


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