What is Domain Name?

When you wish to use hosting with a unique URL, the portion of the domain that comes before the top level domain extension for example ".com", ".net", ".org" and many others is the domain name.  It is used to route internet traffic to your website other than using an IP address.  The domain name essentially aesthetically replaces the IP address from being shown for your website address.  Domain names are offered through a variety of services and many of the options will be based on availability as well as the demand for the domain name.

Choosing a Domain Name

Many of the most common domain names have already been taken.  It is very uncommon to find 4-10 letter domain names that are easy to understand and are not randomized available in the domain name registry services.  You are more than likely to find longer domain names that use multiple words and hyphens rather than brandable domains that are available.  This is part of the reason why it has become common practice to create websites that have common spelling errors or omit vowels in their structuring.  This trend has also taken a variety of the domain names which could be misspelled out of the pool of available options.
Domain farms are very common and are designed to register all of the domain names that are available in sequence for the most common top level domains.

That way when you search for a practical domain name, the domain farm will have an advertisement available stating that the domain name is for sale.  Although registration for a unique domain name is very low cost with the ICANN service, using a domain farming service can be very high due to the demand for the domain name.  This means that choosing a trendy name for a website can cost a large sum of money if a domain farm or other entity has already beat you to registering the domain.

One of the best ways to get trendy domains is to make use of other top level domain options.  Uncommon top level domains such as those offered by other countries or those which are more like vanity extensions are usually left untouched because they are not as well responded to by visitors.  This can mean that you can have the trendy domain name you want for a low enough prices to be easily found on the web.

Website domain names are always a great option to look into when choosing brandable names.  Websites that are severely incomplete can also park a domain for use later to ensure that the name is not taken.  This is a common practice with many businesses as well which may register a domain and prepay for its use far in advance.  Many of the options allow for domains to be bought up to a decade or more in advance ensuring that it is never taken by another client.  Once a domain name has expired, it can also be placed on the buy cialis market for sale once again.


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