What is Dedicated Hosting?

There are several hosting options that are available which make it possible to get a great deal of control over what happens on a server.  One of the ultimate options is available through a dedicated server hosting plan.  These dedicated servers are servers that are leased to a single entity and are designed to offer the full extent of the server resources to the client.  This means that the entire server can be used by the client, including the storage, allocated bandwidth and the memory available on the hardware of the server.

Security of Dedicated Servers

The major selling point of these servers is their security.  They will often offer more security than a shared option such as a virtual private server.  The customization of the server is also left to the one leasing the server as well.  You can have full control over which operating system, hardware and other options are available on the server.  In essence the client is the server administrator and can make changes as needed to fit their use of the server.

Many of these dedicated servers will come with support depending on the type of management that you choose for them. Managed servers will cost more to the consumer but will offer full management that is automated for the client.  This will include security updates, hardware maintenance and a variety of other services which will keep the server running in pristine condition.  Support is also much faster for the servers which are managed because they have full logs of what is done with the server so that they can pinpoint the cause of the problem right away.  Unmanaged servers will require the client to do all of this work.  Support is usually limited because of changes that the client makes to the server that are not documented.

Dedicated servers are usually one of the best options that are available for large websites.  The hosting is ideal for companies that will be launching several websites from one server as well. This will ensure that the companies know what is using up their server resources rather than having to share with other customers with a virtual private server configuration.  The increased security also reduces the chances that hackers will be able to compromise the service through holes in the security of other websites.  The common use of the service is almost always to host websites.

One of the other uses for servers is to run applications that have intense resource requirements.  This is feasible for extremely large databases and scripts that have to process the databases.  Many of the dedicated servers are used in conjunction with other servers or hosting plans that work off of the processing of another.  Some businesses and corporations may have several servers processing the data and routing users.  It is not uncommon for large enterprises to have several hundreds of dedicated servers which are used together to accomplish the website processing that they need for extremely large websites and website network configurations.


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