What is Bandwidth?

The common problem with most web hosting services is the fact that many of them do not offer the proper amount of bandwidth for the websites that are being built with them.  Bandwidth is often overlooked by website builders because they may not know what it is.  Bandwidth basically makes it possible to have traffic both to the website and to the visitors possible.  The more bandwidth that is available the more data transfer can be done between them.

How much bandwidth do I need?

There are some ways to tell how much bandwidth that you will require with a website.  Most plain websites that use minimal media will not be very bandwidth intensive unless there is a very large influx of traffic to the website.  This means that most of these minimalistic websites will be able to survive on very cheap plans that offer small bandwidth restrictions.

Websites that are going to be using a large amount of images on the site will be more likely to use up their bandwidth within the month.  The figure increases to going over bandwidth caps when larger resolution images are hosted with the service and easily downloadable by the public.  The more images that are on a website, the slower it will load and the faster the bandwidth will be consumed.  A better hosting service with more bandwidth is suggested.

Websites that use multimedia such as music, videos and flash or other dynamic content will be at the highest risk of using up their bandwidth in a shorter period of time.  Many websites that host these types of media will need to ensure that their bandwidth available is enough to get them through the month.  One of the best options to look into is a hosting plan that offers unlimited bandwidth.  Although these may be a little more costly, they will still be less than having to reset data caps once the limit has been reached multiple times in one month.

The possibility for any website to go over the bandwidth limit is high especially when they are featured on other websites or have been virally shared on social media.  This makes the amount of traffic get out of control in large bursts which could easily deplete the bandwidth of the site with any given web host.  It is always a great idea to look into also hosting media off of the main website through hot linking with approved sources.  This way the data transfer is not taken from the main site and is instead routed to other external sites.  It is not welcome to hotlink images and other media from other sites because they need to pay for their hosting as well!

The best way to find a hosting package with the adequate amount of bandwidth that you require is to research which options are being used by similar websites to your idea.  If you visit their website, you will more than likely be able to find information about which web host they use and which plans they may be taking advantage of.


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