VPS Hosting

VPS hosting can be a great option to try for testing out website concepts.  Each VPS account really acts like its own small server which can even have a separate operating system from other partitions on the storage disk of the server.  The VPS hosting options are one of the most affordable options that are available when a simulated private server is necessary for a website or application.  Using a VPS option is always ideal when you want to have more than simple shared hosting plans with a server.  The VPS options are much more secure and they can offer a wide variety of options that are generally not available with most other hosting plans.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

A VPS hosting option will be able to provide some of the basic server features that are available with a fully dedicated server.  The file storage and directory services are a bit more dynamic than other hosting options.  Advantages of the VPS hosting options are usually very simple.  You can get support for virtual hosting and a much greater security for the service as well.  You will find that the VPS options will also have more security measures in place to prevent hackers from compromising your website.  The VPS services are very flexible and offer many features that you do not have to have a long commitment to.  The cost is also very low compared to other services because it is only a fraction of the cost of a full dedicated server.

As with any hosting service, there are disadvantages that a client should be weary of.  Many of the VPS hosting options that are available have a lot of limitations.  These are shared private servers which all reside on a larger server.  This means that the customers may be competing with each other for the available memory during the peak periods of access.  You will also have increased risks of being with a shared IP of scammers, spammers, adult websites and other possible causes for your website(s) to become blacklisted by software.    The VPS servers only provide a very limited amount of control of what you have available to you.  You may be able to make minor changes to the "server" but it may not be the extent of the control that you need to truly make it work for your needs.

People need to understand that the reason why the VPS server costs are low is due to the fact that the server space, memory and bandwidth is being shared amongst many different accounts.  You will be getting the impression of a dedicated server, at least for what you are leasing from the complete server.  It is not a guarantee that you will be getting as much of the resources as you need to get your site running and making it accessible to others unless you can design your website to use fewer resources and handle the volume differently.  Choose an option that has at least the minimum features that you need to get your site going with a little bit of room for expansion whenever possible.


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