Reseller Hosting

Having extra resources on hand is always a great option for most hosting accounts.  If only there was a way to make money off of the excess that is not being used.  With reseller web hosting, this is actually possible for users to accomplish.  Reseller web hosting is basically a large portion of a server that is leased by a single entity.  They can then use what they need and resell portions of the hosting to clients as a sub service.  This can provide extra income as well as making it possible for the entity to market or brand the service as their own webhosting company.  They can set the limits usually and will have a large amount of excess to work with to provide what their customers need in terms of web hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting for Profit

Reseller hosting accounts are usually able to provide lots of features.  This is an advantage that is sought out by most clients who need to have feature rich hosting options.  You can actually partition the hosting plan out as needed and can easily control how domains are attached to portions of the hosting.  You can set individual charges for each hosting plan and can offer specials and other important deals with the service.  The large amount of hosting that is available can be through a section of a server or even via a leased dedicated server depending on the needs of the main account holder.

This is a great way for beginners to get into the webhosting business to start off their revenue streams and gain funds to expand.  Expansion can be done through the same reseller hosting or can be through implementing servers with their own resources.  All accounts that are created through reseller web hosting are considered shared hosting plans.  It is very important to remember that security and support for the service will need to be handled by the web host so it is a good idea to keep the server partitioned equally and easy to navigate for repairs when needed.

The major disadvantage of the reseller web hosting packages is the fact that the server is shared between multiple people.  This can have a reduction in the server processing, especially if there is no option to control the memory usage between the websites.  Most will have an implemented option for this though but will still put a lot of stress on the server.   Websites that take up the majority of their hosting agreement and have a continual usage of the resources will impact all of the other sites, even if they are small partitions of the entire server.  This is especially true of spam websites.

Reseller web hosting is not very flexible but it can be used in several ways.  To find the best reseller web hosting services it is always a good idea to compare the options available between a few hosts before making a decision to use one.  Researching the reseller policies will also help you understand whether or not a reseller web host is right for you.


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