Choosing the right Hosting Provider

Web hosting can really come in a large variety of options and it is important to know which options are best for your individual needs.  There are several categories of hosting that are available which will be useful for their intended uses.  To really choose the option that is most reliable, resourceful and flexible for your specific needs will require you to research the provider first.

Many of the hosting providers will have all of their plans listed in their sales pages.  You will be able to see what they have to offer in terms of hosting packages, their bandwidth limits, storage capacity and memory.  They may also provide information about all of the additions that you will get with their hosting which will tend to increase the more that you will be paying.  Some web hosting providers will also offer free hosting options which are generally very limited when compared to the paid options.

What type of hosting you need?

You will need to determine what type of hosting that you will need before comparing webhosts.  The most common type of web hosting is shared hosting.  The shared hosting is a simple partition of hosting storage and bandwidth that is offered to the customer.  They will need to stay within the limits for the month and will be sharing the server with a wide variety of other accounts.  Security is commonly very low with these website hosting plans but the websites that are hosted are generally not worth the time for hackers to consider.

The next option in hosting is a VPS host.  VPS options are a partition of the server which is supposed to function like a fully fledged server.  It will generally have a set amount of guaranteed bandwidth and memory with a variable amount of hosting storage depending on your needs.  These have much more security and options available for the server operating system as well as applications which can run on the virtual private server.

A dedicated server is really a large option to choose which is really useful to those who need to take advantage of the full resources of a server.  They are much more secure than a VPS and will offer full control of the server in all aspects.  You can choose to have it managed or unmanaged which provides another level of control as well.

The majority of the hosting providers will be able to offer a great deal of options.  When you know what type of hosting that you will require, it is much easier to compare hosting providers with each other.  Many of the options that are available will be very similar and offer only slight differences in hosting.  Choosing the option that meets your lowest needs is okay but it is always recommended to choose an option that exceeds your minimum hosting needs.  This provides room for your websites to expand without having to switch to a new plan or having to change hosts too soon.


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