Fantastico Hosting

When a website creator would like to simplify the process of generating a website by using installation software, they need to make use of an option that is reliable as well as prompt.  One of the most simple to use options is known as Fantastico and it can be used to install blogging software, content management systems, shopping carts, forums, galleries and much more.  The tool makes it possible to streamline the process for a simple website production.   These services are very simple to use and make it possible to get the type of website that you want created done in a shorter period of time.

The use of Fantastico hosting will usually come with everything that is needed to create the various types of websites.  Advantages of using Fantastico hosting are the large amount of tools available for website creation.  Most of the hosting companies that offer the Fantastico hosting will offer powerful servers, good support and instructions on how to use the Fantastico software.  Fantastico can also install a variety of great applications that are useful towards improving the functionality of traditional websites.

Install Software with Fantastico

Some of the software options that are available to install with the Fantastico service include: CMS options such as Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, WordPress and others.  Forum software such as phpBB and SMF.  Shopping cart software like osCommerce and Zen Cart are common options with Fantastico type services.  Photo galleries and wiki software are also very common options to install with the Fantastico service.  You can use a number of different software options as long as there are enough databases available with your hosting plan to be used.

The major disadvantage of Fantastico hosting is the fact that it raises the prices of the hosting costs.  Fantastico costs $90 for a new install and that cost is passed on to the customer for licensing.  Fantastico only works with PHP based website services.  Automatically installing software via the Fantastico service removes the technical knowledge aspect of the service.  This means if there are problems pertaining to the installation you will not be able to really deal with the problems that may be simple to change when you understand how the software is installed on the server.  Fantastico is also not the most feature packed service that is available.

To sufficiently make use of the hosting services that offer Fantastico, it is important to review the several hosting options that have it available.  Many will be affordable for the services that they provide.  Choosing one of the hosting services which will benefit your website planning the most can be done by researching the different software which can be installed and understanding how they can be used.  Once you understand which options are most appropriate, you can choose the hosting service which can offer you the most rounded options that will apply to your website creation needs.  Choosing a budget option is always recommended unless a software option that is necessary and cannot be installed manually is available through one of the hosting options.


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