Email Hosting

The increasing demand for email accounts that are personalized makes it difficult to get the perfect email address.  In fact, most names are common enough that the email addresses are taken for almost all of the free and paid email services available around the internet.  One of the best options for those who really want a personalized email address is to make use of email hosting services.  Email hosting is a very simple way to get a professional or unique email address using any domain name that is attached and verified to the service.

Email hosting options will usually offer a variety of plans which are quick to set up and affordable.  These require a domain to attach to so that the email addresses can route to the domain name.  Personal plans will tend to offer a single address, some storage and mobile access.  Many of the hosting plans will offer deluxe options or unlimited plans that will allow for greater amounts of storage space.  These are ideal for businesses and accounts which will have greater amounts of email with large attachments or the like.  These options will be more useful for those who really have a need for email addresses that are personalized or unique and attached to a domain.

Advantages of Email Hosting

The main advantage of having email hosting is the fact that it allows a person, business or entity to customize their email addresses and have their real names or other alias attached to their domain name.  It simplifies catching emails from visitors to the site and sending them directly to a business email for instance rather than going into a personal email inbox.  Other advantages include making it possible to create multiple accounts for use on your website as well as providing access to an opportunity to sell email accounts to users to enjoy an email at your interesting domain name.

Some disadvantages of these services are the value of the email inboxes.  Many of them are very simple and limited in function.  Some are only accessible using POP mail servers or other types of offline access rather than being web based.  The additional pricing for these emails can actually be a bothersome and forgetful charge to your accounts.  Many of the email hosting options are very limited unless you are partnering the service with another type of hosting that they are offering for your domain.  You cannot use any domain name that you please unless it belongs to you.

To really get the most out of email hosting, customers need to make use of the services which fit their needs.  Most of the options will be able to offer at least the minimal email system options that email is useful for.  Different email hosting companies will offer functionality or features that may not be available with other hosting companies.  Make sure that you agree with all that you will be receiving with the service before you elect to purchase a plan.  Some plans will require a commitment for a minimum amount of months for customized domain email addresses.


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