Dedicated Servers

Companies and any entity that needs to make use of a high power server for their websites or alternative processing uses will benefit from not sharing a server.  Sharing servers often reduce the available bandwidth, storage capacity and processing power of the server between several other accounts and can even be a security issue and higher risk of hardware faults.  This means that the server may go down because of another account that is sharing the resources and your data may be at risk.  One of the only solutions to this possibility is taking advantage of a dedicated server hosting option.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated servers are the exact same thing as a shared server plan with a major difference being that all of the resources of the server are allocated to a single account.  This means that the server strain will only be attributed to the single account using the bandwidth, memory and storage of the complete server.  This will result in much greater speeds for the server and any applications that happen to be running on the server as well.  Dedicated servers are more than enough for most large websites and can also be grouped together in cloud systems with some hosting services for greater capabilities.

The advantages of the dedicated servers are very wide spread.  Most of the accounts that use a dedicated server may have their choice of operating system installed and offers a great deal of customization.  The ability to manage the server yourself or have the server remotely managed is always a possibility that can keep the server as current as you need with software updates and security patches.  The ability to customize the software that runs on the server also makes it possible to designate the server for specific tasks.  You can basically customize your entire server as you see fit.

You may also find that there are some obvious disadvantages associated with dedicated servers.  The first thing that you will notice is the fact that dedicated servers are much higher in cost than a shared server option.  Next you need to be able to do most of the setup work for the dedicated server on your own or have someone that can do it for you.  Most dedicated servers will not be scalable and may be very restrictive with the available resources on the single server rather than spreading out to multiple servers in some cloud options.  Another disadvantage can also be in ownership of the server.  Since you are simply leasing it from the company, anything that is placed on the server becomes property of your webhost.

To take advantage of the best hosting services it is important to research the available options for dedicated servers.  Using a dedicated server will make it possible for you to have increased resources for your website and web applications running on the server.  Make sure to review all of the documentation about the hosting service plan and be weary of dedication to the plan once you agree to be charged.


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