What to Consider with a Web Host?

Choosing a web hosting company is not so easy, especially if you have no idea on what to base your search on. A proper hosting company should be able to provide you with a reliable and secure service at a fair price, with full customer support. If a hosting company proves to provide all this for its clients, it will be quite successful. However, not all hosting companies provide this type of professional service. Some hosting companies claim to offer full customer support, but when you try to get in touch with the staff, there is no one available.

Find the Best Hosting Company

As the client, it is your duty to find a hosting company that is right for you. Before you even consider looking at various hosting companies and their plans, you need to jot down some of the things pertaining to your website. Will you need a special type of hosting service, or will regular shared hosting be fine? Some scripts need special server requirements, and some coding languages do not work well with Linux based servers. These are small things that will affect your choice of hosting company. Once you have everything prepped out and ready, you can move onto the next step, which is the actual hunt for hosting.

Using a search engine to find a hosting company is a bad idea, mainly because you have no way of narrowing down your results. On the other hand, one thing you can do is look through hosting review sites and find companies that interests you. What should you consider with a hosting company? Customer service, reliability, server security and speed are all things you need to keep in mind when searching.

Customer support used to be only through a support ticket system, but now many hosting companies offer it through live chat and phone chat. Getting in touch with a representative over the phone is the best solution, because you can easily communicate your problem across to the staff member without any trouble. Replies will be instant as well, as opposed to the ten or fifteen minute wait time with ticket support. Some hosting companies display the 24/7 customer support symbol, but in reality they might not even offer it. You should just randomly try calling the toll-free number to see if it actually is valid.

The server’s reliability is a big plus when it comes to considering a specific company. When you are paying for hosting, you expect to receive the best hosting service possible. Ask the hosting company to provide you with their most recent uptime report. An uptime report will give you details on the total amount of downtime the server had in a week or month. An appropriate hosting uptime is about 99.8% or more. There is short 0.2% downtime as a result of server maintenance and server reboots, but that is something you will see with all hosting companies. Testing the speed of the websites on the server would be a great idea as well. Just because the hosting company site loads instantly doesn’t mean that your site will. Many hosting firms use a separate server to host their site, so never get fooled by its response time.


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