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Choosing the right Hosting Provider

Web hosting can really come in a large variety of options and it is important to know which options are best for your individual needs.  There are several categories of hosting that are available which will be useful for their intended uses.  To really choose the option that is most reliable, resourceful and flexible for your specific needs will require you to research the provider first.

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What is Bandwidth?

The common problem with most web hosting services is the fact that many of them do not offer the proper amount of bandwidth for the websites that are being built with them.  Bandwidth is often overlooked by website builders because they may not know what it is.  Bandwidth basically makes it possible to have traffic both to the website and to the visitors possible.  The more bandwidth that is available the more data transfer can be done between them.

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What is Dedicated Hosting?

There are several hosting options that are available which make it possible to get a great deal of control over what happens on a server.  One of the ultimate options is available through a dedicated server hosting plan.  These dedicated servers are servers that are leased to a single entity and are designed to offer the full extent of the server resources to the client.  This means that the entire server can be used by the client, including the storage, allocated bandwidth and the memory available on the hardware of the server.

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What is a Blog?

Blogging is a very simple form of journal that is very common online.  Many blogging websites use specialized software which makes the posting of blogs very simple and streamlined.  Blogging services can easily provide a publishing option for most casual writers and serves as an outlet for serious writers as well.  Blogging is really versatile and can be done on a wide variety of platforms, even through mobile devices that update websites on the go.

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What is Domain Name?

When you wish to use hosting with a unique URL, the portion of the domain that comes before the top level domain extension for example ".com", ".net", ".org" and many others is the domain name.  It is used to route internet traffic to your website other than using an IP address.  The domain name essentially aesthetically replaces the IP address from being shown for your website address.  Domain names are offered through a variety of services and many of the options will be based on availability as well as the demand for the domain name.

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What is Shared Hosting?

Hosting is what is needed to create a website and store the valuable coding, data and media on your site.  There are several types of hosting available that can be used for different applications.  One of the most common hosting options is shared hosting.  Shared hosting makes it possible to lower the costs of hosting by distributing the costs between multiple users.  There are several ways that this can be utilized and it is important to make sure that you really understand what shared hosting is before you use it.

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