ASP Web Hosting

ASP.NET is a programming language, like PHP. ASP is based on the Microsoft NET framework. If you want to create websites using this application than a good ASP web host is what you need.

ASP based sites are designed to have active server connections and will usually have dynamically generated content.  There are a variety of hosting services which are dedicated to offering ASP specific web hosting.  These options will usually make use of available resources which will make databases, customer service interfaces and other applications used by businesses for their websites.

Advantages of the ASP web hosting services are simple to understand.  They will often offer support of coding languages such as Perl, PHP, Python and CGI.  A majority of hosts will also offer ColdFusion and Miva Merchant in addition to other valuable and useful applications.  A variety of the ASP hosts will also be affordable with pricing plans that are generally very low.  Modern ASP hosting services will usually offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth and attachable domains onto the hosting.  When used in conjunction with interactive pages, it can have high performance and flexibility when accessed by users.

The ASP web hosting does not come without disadvantages.  First off, the ASP web hosting services only work with Windows based servers that have the ASP Apache platform and are not compatible with other platforms aside from Windows based OS.  This will limit portability and will also make security more of an issue, even with today's high end server protection.  The ASP service works a lot slower when compared to other options that are available.  The site creator will need to have Visual Basic programming knowledge to get the ASP syntax down.

Even with the advantages and disadvantages of this hosting option, ASP is still one of the most reliable options that are available for electronic business software options.  Scripting is very simple with ASP and allows several functions to be used as needed whenever they are needed from the service.  Most of the hosting services will be bundling in ASP functionality with a variety of plans that they offer.  This will only work with a Windows hosting option though; even if listed with Linux plans (as Linux based hosting is not compatible with the ASP services.

ASP web hosts will tend to offer basic plans which are useful for a variety of different website types at a low cost per month.  They will also offer moderate plans as well as business plans which are more intensive with their use than a basic website.  They should still fall into an affordable rate for most business or other needs.  Some hosts will even be able to bundle in domain name registrations with their service to help reduce the costs of creating sites.

It is important to look for a good ASP web host that can offer at least the minimum amount of hosting services that is needed for the websites that are hosted.  A wide range of miscellaneous products may also be added or bundled in to such plans such as email services, auto responders, site builders, scripts and ecommerce features.  Support for such websites can be included but may or may not be extended to additional products which are included in the ASP hosting plans.


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